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  • If you're a leader in manufacturing company and looking to improve Productivity, enhance Quality, and increase Profitability in an innovative way, then this consulting call is for you.

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Professionals from different backgrounds are benefiting from my expertise


Hey ! This is Mohammad Elshahat

I'm an Operational Excellence Coach & Founder at Lean Six Sigma LAB

Over the past 13 years I have helped businesses and professionals like you to launch Lean Six Sigma projects that improve performance and generate hard savings.

I can help you achieve $10K up to $100K in savings at your company.

Having a coach that conducts a Green or Black Belt training session is a good thing and has its time and purpose.

However, having a coach that analyze your Specific Situation and give you a Detailed Roadmap for what you, your team, and your business need: is what makes the difference.

That’s why my clients get unparalleled results as quickly as they start working with me.

Not only will you get complete access to my “insider knowledge” of Operational Excellence strategies, how things are done, what works and what doesn’t and how the game is played …

But also, I’ll give you structured guidance and detailed feedback on every piece you need: Strategy Deployment, Change Management, Performance Monitoring, People Engagement, Statistical Analysis Techniques, and more.

Unlike most “LSS trainers and instructors”, who just earned a Green or Black Badge, then started a consulting career.

I did earn my Black Belt Certification from The American Society for Quality, after being in the trenches for 10 years.

Even till now, I still work in organizations.

Now, I spend 60% of my time at the Gemba .. Where problems are !

I have worked for multinational companies, local, and family-owned business, and I know how to it feels to talk about change and start a Real Transformation.

Which is how I can say with 100% confidence, that a Green or Black belt course gives you only bits and pieces of how Lean Six Sigma works.

But never the complete picture (otherwise, you’d have many successful LSS projects right now and completely transformed your company)

That's why you need a Coach who knows where you are, and have been there, and have the ability to guide you step-by-step to achieve your goals and transform your company.

My Credentials:

  • Bachelor Degree in Production Engineering, Alexandria University
  • Master Degree in Quality Management, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime
  • ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, American Society for Quality
  • ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, American Society for Quality
  • KAIZEN™ Team Leader, Kaizen Institute Consulting Group
  • SME Lean Knowledge Certification, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • Doctorate of Business Administration Candidate, Alexandria University

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