Six Sigma 101

Master The Fundamentals of Six Sigma Methodology

Meet Your Coach

Introductory Video: The Top 3 Books in Six Sigma

Video 1: Six Sigma & The Pizza Business

Video 2: The Sigma Levels

Video 3: Understand & Reduce Variation

Video 4: 3 Ways to Interpret Variation - Part I

Video 5: 3 Ways to Interpret Variation - Part II

Video 6: 3 Ways to Implement Six Sigma at Your Company

Video 7: The DMAIC Model Explained

Video 8: Define Phase: Steps, Tools, and Deliverables

Video 9: Measure Phase: Steps, Tools, and Deliverables

Video 10: Types of Data

BONUS VIDEO: Process Capability Studies

Meet Your Coach

Hey, This is Mohammad Elshahat

I'm the Founder of Lean Six Sigma LAB, and I will be your coach in this Video Series.

Over the past +13 years I have helped companies and professionals like you to start their Lean Six Sigma Projects.

I'm Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from The American Society for Quality (ASQ), as well as Certified in Lean Manufacturing from Society for Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

I earned my Bachelor Degree in Production Engineering from Alexandria University, and the Master Degree in Quality Management from Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

I have founded Lean Six Sigma LAB to spread the continuous improvement culture in the Arab World.

By watching this video series, you will be able to understand the fundamentals of Six Sigma and start implementing them at your company.

Would you like me to help you in your Lean Six Sigma Journey?

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